Hybrid meeting and events


Hybrid events allow you to offer your delegates the choice between an in-person or virtual event, and our hybrid event solutions offer a quality experience for all of your attendees.
We can tailor a package to your event requirements and budget, choosing from the following options:

  • A combination of in-person and virtual delegates and speakers
  • On-site and/or remote AV technicians (our AV is run by our in-house AV contractor, so technicians need to be booked in advance)
  • Robotic and/or professional broadcast cameras to capture live talks in high quality
  • A secure, branded conference web portal for all your event assets, including e-posters, Q&As sponsor info and speaker biographies
  • Spatial Chat platform for virtual networking
  • Group discussions between in-person and virtual delegates
  • In-person and virtual exhibitor booths with live chat functions
  • Live Q&A chat, with optional live polling for all in-person and virtual delegates and speakers


The AV set-up for hybrid meeting varies between each meeting room:

  • Our two largest rooms (the Auditorium and the Rosalind Franklin Pavilion) have fixed cameras and integrated AV systems for hybrid meetings;
  • The Barbara McClintock Pavilion has two moveable cameras set up ready for a basic seminar hybrid set-up via Zoom/Teams/Webex. The equipment is set-up at the front of the room and acts as your webcam and microphone, you just connect to your laptop and manage the event. Different room set ups that require room interaction would require an AV Technician and additional microphones.
  • Most of our smaller meeting rooms come with a fixed Logitech system (see below).

Logitech  (Loft Rooms 1 and 2, Green Room, and Library)

The Logitech system allows you to hold an in-person event and have a virtual audience via Zoom/Teams/Webex/etc. The equipment is set-up at the front of each room at no extra cost and acts as your webcam and microphone.

Contact us to discuss holding a hybrid event with us

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