Inspiring the next generation of chefs at Springboard’s FutureChef competition

This week, our Head Chef, Chris Daniel, was one of the judges at Springboard’s FutureChef competition at the first East of England Local final held at Cambridge Regional College.


Springboard’s FutureChef is a schools-based programme that inspires the UK’s 11-16 year olds to learn to cook, understand food and nutrition, and pursue an exciting career within the world of hospitality. The participants were asked to prepare, cook, and serve a main course dish for two people within a set budget of £5 and time limit of 60 minutes cooking time. They were judged on workmanship; creativity and presentation; and composition, taste and flavour.

Congratulations to Daisy, who’s winning dish was a tarragon and feta chicken roulade, served with sweet potato mash, baby topped carrots, and a rich gravy.

Chris told the participants: ‘I am inspired by seeking the best local, seasonal, natural produce; things that grow together go together. I believe in treating ingredients with respect and in clean and simple flavours. I serve good food that, above all, I would like to eat and share with my family and friends. It is all about the taste! Every ingredient we use has to be the best we can afford, and seasons have to rule the kitchen.  I hope the students will follow these basic fundamental practices throughout their competition just as I have tried to throughout my culinary career, as it will put them in good stead if they want to follow this as a profession.’

I chose to be a part of FutureChef as its very important to start inspiring the next generation of chefs, just like my previous Head Chefs did for me. They are the future of my profession and I look forward to collaborating at this sort of event again.

Chris Daniel, Hinxton Hall Conference Centre Head Chef

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