photo of a conference speaker holidng a Catchbox microphone

Increase audience engagement with a Catchbox microphone

The soft throwable microphone that improves audience engagement by making participation easy!

image of a Catchbox microphoneEver get frustrated with how slow conversations can be during question and answer sessions?

Well it’s time to forget traditional stick microphones! At the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre we now have a Catchbox.

A Catchbox is a soft, padded ‘box’ with an in-built microphone which is ridiculously simple to use: Just talk into the box then throw it to whoever is speaking next. It switches itself off whilst being thrown –  or dropped! – and then reactivates when hearing speech.

The idea behind the Catchbox is to improve audience engagement, participation, and discussion by increasing the speed and ease at which the microphone can be passed. This allows more people to have their say, conversations to flow more easily and develop further, and still, importantly, be recorded, at professional sound quality.

The speed of passing also makes it much easier to include questions and discussion in the middle of a presentation, and its playful nature is a great ice-breaker, helping people to relax.Image of lady using a Catchbox microphone

An all-round win, the Catchbox microphone should increase participants’ over-all event satisfaction and facilitate more in-depth discussion at your event.

Cost: £65.00 + VAT per day
Why not ask for one when making your event booking?

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