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Case study: Accelerating Bio-Innovation Conference 2024

Over two days in April 2024, Hinxton Hall hosted 380 delegates for a truly impressive, and challenging event.

Laura Roberts and Meghana Patel from  Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences have been kind enough to tell us about the Accelerating Bio-Innovation conference 2024, and their experience with us.

Q. Please tell us a bit about the background of your organisation and your conference/meeting.

LR: The ABI conference is an annual invitation-only gathering of industry leaders, noted scientists and inventors and finance innovators. Alternating between Cambridge UK and Cambridge US, the conferences are designed around high-quality, idea-driven interactions, curated social gatherings and networking opportunities. It is run in partnership with Royalty Pharma.

Q. Could you tell us why you chose Hinxton Hall Conference Centre to host your event?

LR: As the largest conference centre near Cambridge, with facilities to accommodate the delegates, and past experience of working with the wonderful team at Hinxton Hall Conference Centre, it seemed the obvious choice.


Q. What did we do to make your event successful?

MP: The staff at Hinxton Hall have been instrumental in ensuring the success of the event. This is the third ABI conference held at Hinxton Hall. Since its inception in 2019, the conference has grown in scope, size, quality, and the calibre of delegates and speakers. Hinxton Hall has met the high standards of the delegates and talks in every aspect. Amy and her team ensured we were well taken care of in terms of accommodation, conference centre facilities, food, and beverages.

Q. Did your event need any adaptations and how did our team support you with this?

LR: We had many adaptations. To name but a few: furnishing the Event Space with carpets and sofas; exclusive artwork for the poster walls; a rather large, custom-built stage wall with suspected screen that required shipping from the US to UK and then installing into the space; hiring a staffed barista coffee bar; multiple bus entries at similar times; and arranging lunch in the Orchard despite uncertain weather. These additions came with logistical, planning, and weather challenges, which the Hinxton Hall team expertly managed, ensuring the conference’s success.

MP: For example, the lunch in the orchard was weather-dependent, and while all preparations were made for it to happen outdoors, a backup plan for bad weather was also devised. Fortunately, the sun shined (even if only during lunch) and it shows the hard work and thought that the Hinxton Hall team put into the event.

Q. What are the best aspect of the services and/or facilities available at the Conference Centre?
  • The large space, at no point did the delegation feel crowded!
  • Friendliness of the staff – everyone was so approachable and couldn’t do enough for you
  • Meeting room availability – stunning rooms available for quiet meetings
Q. What was your experience of working with our events team?

MP: Amy and her team worked closely with us, our partners at Royalty Pharma in the US, multiple stakeholders (graphic designers), vendors (furniture hire etc), and Cambridgeshire Council to ensure all elements were seamlessly integrated. From the event’s conception and planning to recruiting and working with new vendors, everything went smoothly. Their dedication and attention to detail made the entire process a breeze. Thank you to the Hinxton Hall team for everything and we look forward to the next one in 2026!

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us this feedback. It was challenge and we greatly enjoyed it.  We look forward to seeing you all again at ABI 2026!



Photography by Mark Nortcliffe.

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