AV upgrade to hybrid meeting equipment in the Barbara McClintock Pavilion

The Barbara McClintock Pavilion has recently been updated to provide a high-quality hybrid meeting experience that is easy to use for organisers.

Highlights include:

  • A new state-of-the-art, beam-forming, suspended Sennheiser microphone array which picks up speech from anywhere in the room whilst cleverly cancelling out the majority of background noise.
  • Two permanently mounted high-quality, pan-tilt-zoom cameras to give a range of options for different room layouts.
  • A new touch panel interface which allows users quickly and easily to select which of the two cameras they would like to use, or use both simultaneously in split-screen mode.

The system works via the USB/USBC socket on the users own laptop, and is compatible with all major apps such as Zoom, Teams, Webex, Google Meet and more.


We were the first to test out this new technology for a team meeting when one staff member was working from home, and we were very impressed how easy it was to set-up and how clearly everyone could be heard. We love to test out the equipment before offering it to our clients and it is always nice to be able to upgrade a room and not have to charge clients for additional equipment. The room is now ready to go for hybrid meetings, at a touch of a button.

Rebecca Loffman, Conference and Events Manager

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