Working breakfast platter and breakfast pots menu

Working Breakfast Platter

Please choose one item from below:

  • Middle Eastern breakfast platter (sumac and za’tar spiced rolls, fresh figs, dates, apricots, oranges, olives, tahini yoghurt, boiled egg, tomato, cucumber) (v)
  • Classic Continental platter (baked pastries with preserves, sliced cheese selection, Continental sliced meat selection, rolls)

Breakfast pots

Please choose two items from below for your meeting:

  • Green tea- and apple-soaked oats, soy yoghurt, spirulina, avocado and baby spinach (vegan)
  • Bircher pots (v)
  • Quinoa pots (v)
  • Yoghurt pots (v)
  • Fresh Fruit pots (v)

These are served to your meeting room or breakout space.

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